Thursday, 10 September 2009

today's match

after good start by either of *inesh karthik and ten**kar in opening or by both india will lost the plot and the match too..either shane bond or D.Vet**ie too hot to handel


  1. Hi AIP, Back with the info. I hope it turns out to be right, There are some fuckers here writing bad things about you. Hope you will make them realize that you are right from now on. I'm a fan of you.. so please continue writing.

  2. Hey Umesh...

    I dont know how you are still believing this Guy..

    he is a cheat and try to get popularity. Nothing else.

    Just go and see the match.. only 156 to win..

  3. aip, do u even have the balls to come up and tell wats wrong in ur insane head. wtf do u even predict things like this when u cant predict them right... u r a person who comes back again and again only to get spitted on the face.

    dude, predict correctly, else stop doing this. have some self respect man, u have made a fool out of yourself and people laugh at u now. u still keep predicting so badly. its very honorable to just say that i cant predict anymore and i am laying this blog to rest. people would atleast appreciate that.

  4. hahaha! Gud results aip. Jo bhi bolo uska ulta hamesha sai hota hai. Ap ki jai ho!!

  5. Hey AIP, u are so busy fucking ur mother that u dont have time to write another post???