Thursday, 28 May 2009

Next month will be next phase

I always feel good after stepping in my after this week layoff everyone again ( 3 of my good friends ) has to go again to the country about which often said that "the sun never sets".
But i am here in my country to enjoy the holidays but 3 of them definitely the part of tour and give me the information what happens around there in next month.
But should I need any type of information from anybody or with my ESP ( as most of you say) I can tell you the result..Well time will tell us..But it almost certain that I will tell you the result in advance.
And let see and I already told you that this time our beloved player Ra Na cannot cross Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel .
Kher, my life is going on a rough phase . Every man faces low phases in life and everybody have their reasons for it and sometimes in the intermediate phase where things go out of proportionate and the outcome is never favorable for you. But be positive ( don't be HIV positive).and every thing fall on your place....
Kannan you are getting very popular...good..

Real Guy

Monday, 25 May 2009

New things New start

So this is the End of this season with a lighting finish. but who the hell want to wait for another year..I am waiting for next month. And for the last quarter of this month I am enjoying with clay where also u guys see something new this time .. I mean break of some kind of tradition. Again :-) will confirm u soon..and please after I am saying this , don't start hating Raf Na, Ro Fe..they are gem of the person, totally committed to the their sports not like _________.
well i really appreciate whole of your comments ..someone saying me Time Traveller, soothsayer , chu*** etc..The one who told me how to change the date format...
Thanks chakru & others ( who comments positive) for ur comments it motivates me to $%$# ( or predict more)..
Come again soon... I always want to be in touch with u guys and tell u some thing which happens around you in advance..
Take no tension and also don't give it to anybody..cheers for the bottom of two teams..

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Last Leg

Thanks for your comment . i always accept criticism and praise equally. some of comments are really good...explain and discuss those in next blog...
so as i said now today we will see final in between bottom two. And the result will be ..this is also I told u ( as in the last 48 hrs nothing has changed) from the last few days we r seeing good batting ..this final match turn the table with some good bowling.....well bye for now..try to come again...actually I m going see the movie (yes of course before match) SINGH is KING!!!!!!

Real Guy

Friday, 22 May 2009

final front

Hi guys,
So wahi hua jo hona tha..FIP didn't reveal himself.. i know he didn't have that what do you want from me ..should I tell you who is he..and suppose i will tell.then what happen..will his name / identity affect anything in your life..move on guys is much larger than FIP...
now to the topic...........
what will be in the final.OK solve this....In final we will see the repeat telecast of the bottom of two we just saw and the winner will this time the other side.
try to come again inbtween the final
Real Guy

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In Hurry

Hi Guys..


we are winning the match again today..its almost confirm...just wait and watch..

Real Guy

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Short and clear

So finally the yesterday win was surprise for many but not for me & others who read my blog :-)
I will not here to tell u guys about the bore stories what happened inside the camp.because anyone ( for ex FIP ( a 28yr old guy) ) can make stories with his good imagination power.
Like I can easily say that after the match we all had a party and there was a spat in between Bhookanaan and talcum. And many of you will believe it . so no point of telling you what happened after the match..In small we had a good party of just an hour.
Other than that what I want to tell you that a player who is part of team cannot go to the team room ( with his own wish as he is feeling cold in Dug out), instead of that he has to take the permission from the team manager , can go to the dressing room and rest there (if manager allowed you ) but definitely not to some hotel room.
So anyone of you please convey this message to your FIP don't create these story again ...this makes any player laugh.
well tomorrow is the D-day for FIP follower and non follower as he is reveling his identity .. any way don't worry if he will tell some lie I am here to correct it....
Many of you anxious to know about our next match result....if i say we are going to WIN again...haha...Again Don't worry I will try to confirm tonight..
and yes many of you suggest me to improve my english.. All, I appreciate your concern and FYI I can use much better pharses / words but I want to be simple as much as I can...:-)
Real Guy

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Watch us Now in the End

Thanks guys for few responses.....
haha another defeat in a nail biting finish.. I read FIP blog also and I cant stop laughing because nothing that happened after the match what he had written. In fact our great bowler Mumbai- KAR and Dada had a long discussion in hotel cafeteria after the PMM ( post match team meeting). I think they were discussing the Election Poll results in India.
In PMM Talcum boosted all and again showed his anger towards the umpire decision. Bengali Tiger say sorry to all in the meeting but everyone encouraged him. If anyone sees those moment from outside , one cannot say we are divided in groups. But yes that is for sure that we Bhartiya players are not having a great relationship with Kangaroo staff.

Okay bye for now ..its early morning here...and yes one more thing....WE ARE WINNING just watch the match.
Ya FIP good luck for your next blog..U journalist sitting in New Delhi...( shocked FIP!!!)
I will not reveal my identity as I want to earn money and be with CalcuttaKR next year also..

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

its time to enter

Well i think its time for me to enter....because publicity gained by the FIP already prompt me to write this.I do not have the same writing skills what FIP has but i want to clear few things here about our team..and I guarantee you guys that this FIP is not among us. ya of course he has internal information about what happening here .

I tell u some truth about the team , you can ask your FIP whether these information are correct or not. and I m sure if he is a good writer or spy agent, his answer will be 100% yes. I am using some of the name which is popular by your beloved FIP but certainly some of them will be my creation or I copied from some TV commercial. Now here we go....
On our coming match on 16th Bengali Tiger ( mort azza) will definitely play... da da and talcum powder will open.
Dada has been told that he might not be in playing 11 next year but DADA willing to complete his contract no matter he will be in XI or not.
RukRuk is totally confused and not having a very good relation with Bhooka Naan now. The core staff of 12 member will reduce to 8 next year.And from 8 only 2 will continue for the next league. other are the new faces and mostly from India
Dada is present in every team meeting but hardly say any word. Dada is a gem of person but having attitude problem. John was the right candidate for the coaching job of KKR...
Not steve ( even his name is not discussed here, pure imagination of FIP ), its John who will come here again in India for another prestigious coaching job.which can be , CAN BE a good sign for DADA too.

Thanks for you time guys...Might be I am not a writing skilled entertainer like FIP but if you want to be read out real news do visit again. I will be back soon.

Real Guy
(not entertainer neither imaginative)