Saturday, 29 August 2009

back with information

both the t 20 match are fi***. and its 2-0 in favor of aussies.
shan* wa*** and hu*** will be the star of match..Brack*n will also bang...

Real Guy


  1. here comes back aip with another post. the first match had no result.

    Sh wa did not play well with bat and neither did hu*. brac did not even play the match so good prediction buddy.

    2nd t20 is abt to start and brac is not in... lets c how this goes.

    dont give the bull shit that this is also some reverse strategy. tell the truth else STFU !!!

  2. 2nd t20 would be washed out too....

  3. You have lost it dude. Stop blogging.

  4. AIP chutiye ko aadat hai..saala apna blog alive rakhne ko baar baar g**nd panga lene ki!

    saale abhi teri aukaat nahi hai market mein...isliye yeh stupid blog band kar aur kat le!

    agar rona hai to umesh/kannan chutiye ko pakar le....wohi tera asli bhakt hai krishn kanahiye!

  5. lol... AIP escaped this time yet again... maybe he could not predict that they r gonna wash out !!!!!!