Friday, 26 June 2009

Hi ( in short)

Hi Frnds,

Sun(like) is still suffering......No news on Uncle and Boyfriend ( so no point of discussing them) again so called Cric*** match will start...who bother about that..

about my disappearance from the last few days ...I am working on a Project and to give u some idea about the project is that I am planning to make a movie( obviously in Bol**wo*d)..working on script..
Try to come before or in between the match.
Hope everything is well with all of you guy/gals.

Real Guy

Sunday, 21 June 2009

In Between

SL win the match and the cup

Jaya likely to be MOM..
Pak batting will collapse...

Real Guy

PS: Murali, mendis thrash pak

PSS: tomorrow most likely I will get the news about uncle and the boy friend who actually running the career of Sun(like).

Correction - its not 'running' above its 'ruining'


1) just wait...and be patient ..uncle is around 55 yr and boyb friend is 22 yr old

Friday, 19 June 2009


WI will win

SL bat first ( most likely)
Score : 150+
Jaya****ya -Ok nick
TM - Flop
6-7 wkt

2nd Inn
Gay*e - 50 +
Mur** - some wkt
Result - WI Win

In case WI bat first
score of 165+
SL - 140-145

Real Guy

PS: on 21-22 June in between end of cup and start of Wi****on

PSS: Uncle - Chacha
younger Boy - Boy friend

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Very Soon

Dear Guys/Gals,

Thanks (to all) for your comment.

The truth will be post in this blog very soon . May be in next 2-3 hrs.

With love and praying happiness for all of you who commented here.


Real Guy

PS: There will be no explanation..only truth will be revealed.

Getting Right

In the final we will not see any repeat telecast of the league or group matches. And winner this time will lift first time any major trophy..........

The role of uncle is still complex in the whole scenario but now the finger moves to the younger boy..who is likely to be the main culprit even master mind and uncle is just his mohra.

As truth will always comes out so this will be also (corrected) soon...

will add PS and PSS as this is the peak time of getting the information..hope so...


Real Guy

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gully Cricket

So I said

- two nation in news for racism will reach top four , I*d And Au* - result - opposite - out of the cup.

-Pa*****n will out of the cup - result - opposite - in top four

-En* will beat W* and reach top four- result - out of the cup.

So the teams in top four are in actual, i never really talk about them...

Many extras (MEANS 12,13,14 MAN) just warmed up the already hot seat in the whole tournament....yet nobody bothered about them because today's match team XI was already decided when nobody knows that the golden bird will be out of top four...I called it commitment or promise to *****


Real Guy

PS: don't treat above statement as explanation. I am just eagerly waiting the news related to uncle and then post it here.

PSS: currently going match is like gully cricket match...:-) everybody is charged up...

Read it again

Hi All,

Now the question is how I am telling all the results in IP* accurately..but in T*0 cup it looks like so ordinarily prediction that even with this % of guesses my old grand ma can do better than me.
for the answer of this please refer my post Start off in first paragraph I clearly mentioned ..................................................................................................................
I think you guys / gals didn't pick it up. Anyway read it again.
I respects everyone feeling either its bad or good for me.
Post you soon with some information.

Real Guy

PS: Uncle is the culprit ( I am writing this because I want to write it somewhere, do not relate this with any *****, might be. Ignore it if you do not understand it.)

Monday, 15 June 2009

Available for Chat Now!!!

HI Guys/Gals,

I am available for chat now from 2150 IST to 2300 IST ..And will reply you on the comment section.
I will try to answer as best as I can..

Real Guy

PS: pls put your name so that it will easy to communicate

Got the momentum

Hi All,

So the golden bird is out......millions heart broken but who least I care for cricket fan..u know what from inside some of the teammates are very happy with the outcome.....

today pa*****n match..let see what happen...yesterday team now got the momentum( from where ?????) and sailing through the top four today....

Will post in PS & PSS during the match and will try to answer some of the question from the comment section.

Real Guy

PS: Pa******n result already told u in last post

PSS: Guys dont play with word ( as I already played with them :-) ) Momentum team is the team who beats our golden bird.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

out of the cup

golden bird (this time) is going to out of the race today...once again bowler will click in some manner :-).. but no. of sixes will be more...

100% right prediction again starts from semi final (includes) onwards...

Real Guy

PS: Do not expect any PSS today :-)

Still Alive

Hi guys/gals,

Now almost all of you want to know whether its fi**ng or predictions..what do you feel one can give almost every results so accurately during IP* through prediction, would you believe in this?????

Now in this current cup, I am getting very hate messages, but source cannot be right all the time. As you are thinking that I am playing with you , the same I am feeling that some one might be playing with me.

As far as I know through my reliable source Pa**s** will not reach top four , now the time will tell soon how reliable my sources are..but don't forget in past they(source/s) were pretty right..

Hope to post today just before the match..


Real Guy

PS: I am not in any kind of custody, I am living happily :-)

Friday, 12 June 2009

No Explanation

Yes no explanation for yesterday match in this post but certainly the explanation is there...guys / gals you will be shocked, when in future I will be reveal you about all this prediction / fi**** ( i know in comment section I will have to face many hate messages, but I am ready for that). Of course there are certain thing to tell you all in future. Actually I am also not pretty sure in which manner I will convey those thing to you guys/gals.

I accept with taking full responsibility on me that after my successful outing in IP* and FO , I let many of my followers down in this current tournament. I have the explanation for yesterday match but I don't want to TAG as ******. just to tell you I tested something yesterday and I got the result.

I am firm on my decision and that pa****an will not reach super four.


Real Guy

As Expected

As you all know and as I said pa***t** will not reach in super 4. I know , you know and half of their ( pa***t**) pla*er know this :-).
About Golden Bird team's today match ..they are winning it...
now dont start saying I am playing with words. just convert the golden bird in hindi and you know which country i am talking about..

Real Guy

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Breaking News

Hi All,

Thanks for your comment...nice to see and understand that my blog has more sensible blogger than some of the non - sensible ( as i don't want to use any wrong word for them, i respect them too).
I don't want to close anonymous option as I want the comment of those also who do not have the account...but from now onwards ..i will try to keep the blog comment section clean....

The breaking news i just have got is, in clear words, that 100% pa*ist** out from super four..

enjoy today's match without knowing the result in advance :-)

Real Guy

PS: dont try too hard for understanding the sentence "pa*ist** out from super four.. " means they not even reach the super four..clear gus/gals

Its U To Decide

Hi All,

Sorry , but no announcement of results today...
I think some of here think this blog comment section as municipal dust bin...10- 20% of those abusive comments are Ok ( i understand the frustration and no doubt it funny to read also :-) ) but when it goes beyond the limit and become problems for others then it doesn't look good and funny as well.
So again I request to all APZ's , All having kannan and Parhaldhan S dublicate id's , please try to keep the blog clean. i am not saying 100% but at least it won't make the other person uncomfortable.
Guys I am in my 20's so I understand how much these kind of talks are intresting but in a limit its I again request you to think twice on this...

I wanted to tell you the today's interesting results in advance but it seems that most of you here are not bother about the results or game, so I opt not to disclose it today.
I will watch the comment section and see how you guys respond then I will decide whether to continue with this blog or NOT?????

Real Guy

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Result for today

In clear laungauage.....SL will take the cake today though the match will be intresting..

There is lot of happening in the comment section. I will see the matter and inform you in my next blog.
In between enjoy the blog and try to keep it clean.

Real Guy

PS: Guys dont confuse anyone..anyone know cake means WIN..

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Thank you All

Dear Guys/Gals,

Thanks to you all for response, love and hate comments. I accept them all.
So I will be clearer from now onwards.
Don’t believe in any media report about Vi Sh and Ma Dh…as far as I know fro the resources nothing happen between them. Absolutely nothing. Just Vi Sh was disappointed with his exit. So there is nothing such issues regarding batting order, all are rubbish reports. Anyone can make any type of these foolish stories.

Rajiv , Faster Fene, Amit, chakru, Umesh guys u r right …
Now I will accept in this post YES I WENT WRONG for AUS result and that is deliberately.
The reason of saying AUS bounce back is that lot of betting talks goes on and I don’t want it in my blog… I predicted/informed last result false so that no one speculates the matches and making illegal money…so the ones involved should better be careful for the next time. Hope abcd things get clear to you now.
I apologies if I hurt anyone feeling. (*****, do it silently J )

HI , A BIG HI to Prahaladhan (as requested). How’s everything in Coimbatore . And Vicky if you can make chicken biryani then I can come to your place but sorry no Kawa biryani pls...
To all my haters also: love u & respect your good anti comments. And hope you all (my haters / followers) get good success in your life.

Real Guy

PS: will post soon about the results. ( obviously in advance)

PSS: correction done for Prahaladhan.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Crystal Clear

Hi All,

I think this is the most awaited post with respect to my all previous posts.
As all of you who supports me, do not support me, having no concern with me. all...ALL want the explanation for yesterday result.
So here we go…
In my post “Black Band ” I write “as far as I know the two res publica in news for racism are almost there (will confirm you soon).”
Yes the two nation I mean was AUS and IND but again I also write that “I will confirm you soon ‘and that what I did in my next post “Start off ”. I write “more to tell as tourniquet progresses...”
“In Australia, people (player) undergoing a first aid course (pre stages) will be instructed to never use a tourniquet.”
So the word tourniquet used in the post “Start off” means the above statement.

And for SH WA...I don’t know how many of you watch him closely or actually… Even commentator said that…

I know it bit complex ( and you all got it wrong , I think except one) but I am not here to write directly and invite trouble for me. I hope you understand the word “trouble” here.

See I am not cheating anybody in this blog and I accept whole heartedly sometime in my blog from some statements are dubious. But I want to deliver only one message from it. May be in that part I was wrong and has to improve writing more clearly so that no one says it dubious.

I have given my explanation....... There is certainly more left in me and I want to continue writing but Now Guys / Gals its up to you, you have to announce the decision whether I should continue or not???

Real Guy

PS: I will see the comments in this post for next 24 hrs and if more than 50 % are in favor of writing then i will give u more information or result ( this time in a easy launguage)..waiting for all your comments

Sunday, 7 June 2009

clearing some doubts

Ok guys and gals..

Bouncing Back Day includes ENG Vs Pak Match I think it will be more clear now...

Lets us congratulate Roger Federer on his win....he is true gentlemen...

I want to make something clear to few peoples here thatI am not here to write funny names of players..if you are here for the funny names then sorry this blog is no intrest for you..

I cannot laugh and make people laugh by insulting some of the greats by making funny names of them...go to FIP etc etc blogs if you want funny names.


Real Guy

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bouncing Back Day

Hi All,
As desired by some of the regular visitors in this blog I will try to increase my frequency in writing the post during this event.
yesterday was quite frustrating for me as I knew about Chr Gay Performance and his team result, but couldn't get chance to write..hope u all understand how my hand was itching to write...
AU is surely bouncing back as per the ***** and today Man to watch will be Sh Wa (if he is....& Ri Po) . In fact today is the bouncing back day...
Today's FO will be gonna be quite interesting..Ro Fe all the way to.........

Real Guy
PS: Keep giving me suggestion so that i can keep this blog more clear and interesting.
try to post per day from now.

PSS.: change today to tommorrow for AU match ...typing & **** error :-)

Friday, 5 June 2009

Start off

Hi All,
So its all the way for Ro Fe today....
I've got mix response from your side , some of you want to know the league and some of you want Top 4...As expected it will be easy outing for our home land in group matches but not for the Tigers....might be in next coming days I will tell you some upset result as soon as they decided ( in my mind, in fate , in dream or in *****)..Actually I never discuss any type of the tournament at start //I like to discuss it in the midway ( suppose tennis) or at the end (suppose cricket) like
your friend FIP now coming very often after RIP...actually theses type of people has their own world and they consider themselves as the king of their world..and don't aware about the outside activity of the real world..of late he is not in a very good mood .. I just want to say him that life is more than ( his ) blog...Kher I wish him luck..No hard feeling for him :-)

In hurry and there will be more to tell as tourniquet progresses..catch you soon.happy weekend and maintain the dignity in this blog..a humble request.. Enjoy!!

Real Guy

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Black Band

Hi to All,
I think there is much confusion regarding my post. First of all I clear the few ones.
In my post "New things New start "I never mean to say anything about Ro Fe was purely for Ra Na I was just appreciating Ro Fe.
In my post "Future too has the past within it "I told that Ro Fe will win easily ( I am not denying with it, even if loose I would have never say that from Outing means that he will be out..from outing I meant that particular match I knew that he should win by 3-1 but match totally turns, may be if would not loose that first tie breaker than the score would have been the 3-1, the same I wanted to say that :-) ). that is is the reason I wrote down the post in between the match when it was 2-2 and confirmed u guys that I am on Ro Fe side ( at that time it could have anyone game). And Ro Fe is on the verge of creating History if he climbs this thin wall of 6'4", which is almost likely, he will, but with some scratches. Let see..

So coming to our National Game ( unofficially)...confirmation of last four will reach to me very soon.( through my ESP or through my can i tell you this:-) ) far as I know the two res publica in news for racism are almost there( will confirm you soon)...but I want to ask from you what do u want directly last four or some of the league results, as I cannot tell you the whole. do know me what exactly you want from me..
So please tell me as I read almost every comment..of everyone including Umesh, Rakesh, rajiv, Amit , Rahul , Anshika, Digitally Signed Anonymous but Kannan ( no comments , only good boy)...apologies if forget anyone name..
And this is as per the gujaris of one person...Ha bhai bilkul matr bhasa ka proyog mein kar sakta hu par mere khayal say angrezi aacha madyam hai hai sbkay sath judnay ka..par ha matr bhasa matr bhasa hoti hai...
And at the end , as my topic says..I want to pray with all of u guys /gals here for the all 228 passengers in the AIR France Flight, we hope that we can find some of them alive....

Real Guy

Monday, 1 June 2009

In hurry

hey my recent post I mean Fedrer will win easily.but match turns around the good one...the match is evenly poised..and i m not playing with words thats why I m writing this post

Future too has the past within it

Hi all,
thanks all for your nice comments but I also appeal to those who are putting comments totally of abusive language " please avoid that" ....
Well crossing Mediterranean Sea proves to be very tough for Ra Na but nobody could stop that as it has already written in his luck. ..when I was seeing the match I already knew ( even u also knew) the result..but having a soft corner for Ra Fa it was bad sight to see him losing...
Today outing for Ro Fe should be pretty easy...
Now moving towards our main all can see all the matches with full fun ( as they are not fi**d)...but only till 4th June as after that there is no one to take guarantee of this..hehe..No need to worry I will be here to tell u something again in advance..catch u guys in between...

Real guy